AngularJS is a JavaScript-based programming language for developing the front end framework of websites and applications. AngularJs was managed and developed by Google and the community of all other companies and individuals. The stable version of angularJs is v.1.8.0., The written format is Javascript. Angular is the best platform for creating desktop and mobile web applications. In angular we can reuse the code several times. Angular has the ability to create mobile apps and web apps at the time of the implementation goal for mobile, web, native desktops and native mobile devices. We are currently using the angular version 10.0.7.

Angular is the fastest language to learn and run the program. It has the highest possible speed on the current generation web platform for creating and developing web worker and server-side websites. Angular is very fast and has high performance. Angular requires a large amount of data and controls its scalability. Angular works on the MVC method which stands for model view and control methods. MVC is the software design model, it is responsible for managing the application data of the Web applications.

Angular is very easy to understand and very easy to write code for building web applications. A new feature has been introduced in each corner version. Angular has incredible tools, using these features with quickly simple and declarative models. We can write our own components and use a number of components to extend the model languages. When we have a problem or an error in using Angular, there are so many experts who solve our problems with the immediate reaction of the specific Angular support team and the editors. Angular has special features and a support team, so we focus on developing our websites and creating amazing applications.
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React js is an open source javascript language. Using this, we can build interactive web pages or web applications. The stable version of reaction is v.16.13.1 and was developed by Facebook. This can be used by all other companies and individual developers to create the most responsible and interactive web applications. The original author of the reactions is Jordan Walke. React can be used on single page websites. React declares that you can turn a blank web page into an interactive UI web page. React will create a simple layout view and update efficiently to provide each state in your applications. Whenever you change the data, the correct components will be provided. Declarative simplifies debugging the code. We are currently using is reajs v.16.0.

Build the website with some essential functionality components that manage your web application status, then bring them together in one way is complex user interfaces and UI. ReactJs has the best user interface way to design a new web app. When the logic of a component is written in JavaScript, it will be redirected via its mobile app or web app. React can easily transfer rich data through the app and keep it out of the DOM. DOM stands for Document Object Model, in simple words, they are the structured HTML elements that are presented on the web page.

ReactJs is also very simple to learn and easy to write. It has characteristics similar to those of AngularJs. In ReactJs we can develop the existing code without repeatedly rewriting the same code. Therefore, we cannot assume that this will break existing web page code from your technology stack. ReactJs is a very simple and complicated language. If errors or errors occur in the writer and program execution, the entire program must be checked from the beginning. Once the reactions are learned, it will be very easy to create web pages. There are so many functions in a reactJs that some are not present in angularJs.
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