Baby Care Tips in Winter to Keep Diseases Away

Baby Care Tips in Winter to Keep Diseases Away

Important tips for taking care of the baby in the winter season: an essential tip when dressing the baby is to always add an extra layer to the amount of layers you wear.

Here are some tips for new mothers who take care of their baby with this cold.

By Dr. Himaja Boda

It’s definitely not easy to be a new mom. From sleepless nights to taking care of feeding your baby, it takes a lot to raise it.

Winter has already begun and it is very essential that new mothers take care of their babies. Low atmospheric temperature requires special care for the baby, as most of its energy is used to maintain body temperature. Furthermore, winter is the time when most viruses and infections threaten to infiltrate and invade their well-being. A baby’s body could easily become a host to various diseases, as immunity levels weaken.

So here are some tips for new moms taking care of their baby in this cold.

How to dress your baby for the winter?

First of all, it is very important to always dress your child in layers. Even if you feel it is not very cold, always remember that your child still needs several layers of clothing. Therefore, make the layers the key to your baby this winter. An essential tip while dressing your newborn is to always add an extra layer to the amount of layers you wear.

Massage with oil for children during the winters.

Regular massages for newborns are essential. Body massage regulates blood flow and can also increase immunity levels. Ideally, do the massage one or two hours before the baby’s bath and make sure the environment is warm while the baby’s clothes are off. Use coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil.

Vitamin D for children during winters

Let your child sunbathe a little too. Compensate the cold a bit and let the child take some vitamin D. The sun reduces the effect of winter and this also makes the child more active, energetic and lively. They can also get fresh air and feel better. Restricting the child inside can be tedious and boring for both mother and child.

Winter foods for children

Include honey in your child’s diet, as it has the benefits of giving warmth to your child’s body. Honey also has several nutritional benefits and can be a rich source of multivitamins and flavonoids. Honey instantly relieves colds, flu and coughs and acts as a natural aid for sleep and eczema.

Protect your baby’s skin during winters

For these harsh winters, use a humidifier in the child’s room that keeps the moisture content in the room. Winters can extract natural moisture, leaving the baby’s skin dry and dry. Therefore, a humidifier is essential.

Breastfeed your baby, as it increases immunity and helps you fight off different infections. Breastfeeding also develops a bond between a mother and child and should be the only source of nutrition during the first six months.

Properly adhere to the vaccination schedule and make sure they are performed as prescribed by your doctor.

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