Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Tuesday a total lockdown in the country for three weeks from midnight to try to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. “Starting at 12 noon tonight, there will be a total closure across the country,” Modi said in his second speech on the matter in a few days. He also praised people for the success of the “Janata curfew”, saying that it showed how the Indians can unite and fight any challenge that comes before the country. A lockdown in most of the country was already in place until March 31, and Modi’s announcement extended it everywhere and for two weeks after that month. “Whatever happens, don’t leave your homes,” Modi urged in his speech, asking people to stay at home.

Given the current situation, the total national lockdown will be in place for 21 days, three weeks, he said, adding, It is a kind of curfew. The Prime Minister said, If we are unable to manage the next 21 days, we will be delayed by 21 years. Today India is at the stage where our actions today will decide to what extent we can reduce the impact of this disaster. Now is the time to further strengthen our resolve. Modi also urged people to stay anywhere in the country. Regarding the impact of this measure on the economy, he said, “There will certainly be an economic cost as a result of the lockdown. But my priority, as well as that of every state government and every government official government, is to save the lives of Indians. He also said, We are taking all measures to ensure a continuous supply of essential products.

However, shortly after the speech, people across the country rushed to buy daily supplies. Subsequently, Modi launched another tweet, saying, “By converging on the stores, you risk spreading COVID-19. Please don’t panic. Stay inside. I repeat: governments central and states will ensure that all essentials are available. “

As part of the lockdown, all commercial and private establishments will remain closed, with the following exceptions:
1) Stores, ration stores, groceries, fruit and vegetables, dairy and dairy booths, meat and fish, fodder for animals. However, district authorities can encourage and facilitate home births to minimize the movement of people out of their homes.
2) Banks, insurance offices and ATMs.
3) Print and electronic media.
4) Telecommunications, Internet services, broadcasting and cable services. IT services and activated only for IT (for essential services) and as quickly as possible for working from home.
5) Delivery of all essentials, including food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment through electronic commerce.
6) Pumps and storage points for petrol, LPG, oil and gas.
7) Energy production, transport and distribution units and services.
8) Debt and capital market services notified by the Indian Securities and Exchange Board

It is like a curfew, and much stricter than the “Janata curfew” (March 22), said the Prime Minister. Given the current conditions, this lockdown will be 21 days. It is to save India, save all citizens and save their families. Don’t leave your house. For 21 days, forget what’s going on. There is a Lakshman Rekha at your door. Even a step outside your home will bring the coronavirus back inside your home. “

Reasons for the central government’s decision on a national lockdown

  1. The COVID-19 epidemic has affected many countries and the World Health Organization has declared it a “pandemic”.
  2. The Indian government has taken various proactive mitigation and prevention measures, starting with the gradual tightening of international travel, issuing public notices, creating quarantine facilities, tracking contacts people infected with the virus and various measures of social distancing. Several warnings have been sent to States and Union Territories for having taken the necessary measures to contain the spread of this virus. The government temporarily suspended metro and rail services, as well as national air traffic.
  3. The situation has been constantly reviewed at the level of the Honorable Prime Minister. The Honorable Prime Minister addressed the Nation on the need for preventive measures and also met all the main ministers during a videoconference.
  4. The experts, taking into account the global experience of countries that have successfully contained the spread of COVID-19 compared to others where thousands of people have died, recommended that effective measures be taken to ensure that the social distancing contains the spread of this pandemic.

It was obvious that the calls for social separation did not fulfill their purpose. In his speech, Prime Minister Modi did not utter words saying, “Neglecting some ill-conceived notions of a few can seriously endanger you, your children, your parents, your family, your friends, the whole country. impossible to estimate the price that India will have to pay if this surveillance continues. ” Some opinion statements like these could cause more fear among people, especially when PM Modi did not insist on providing essential items in his second direction in a week. But as a large number of people continued to break existing locks, there may have been a degree of fear. He did exactly the same thing when he said “Jaan hai to jahaan hai

Many previously thought that the Modi government, already faced with the challenge of reversing the economic slowdown, would not enter a national lockdown for fear of its economic cost. Prime Minister Modi stressed the economic cost, but said the government’s priority was to save lives. The nation will surely have to pay an economic cost because of this lockdown. However, saving the lives of every Indian is our top priority. Therefore, please continue wherever the country is located. he said. This appears to be a conservative economy despite the seemingly modified claim of PM Modi. The fact that the cost of tests, treatments and quarantine in certain cases related to the coronavirus is borne by the government makes it an economic challenge. This makes national closure part of the solution to a greater economic challenge.
PM Modi announced that a special package of Rs 15,000 crore is an indication that the government sees this not only as a health crisis but also as an economic problem. However, the special health package may not be of much immediate help in the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic.

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