Indian Social Media App “Elyments”

Indian Social Media App “Elyments”

The Honorable Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu launched the Elyments app on Sunday, a new social media platform within the Aatmanirbhar Bharat campaign. The new Made in India app is available for download worldwide on iOS and Android platforms. The homemade app was made with the Indian audience in mind as it is available in eight different regional languages. The app is free to download and allows users to make audio and video calls, including conference calls. A unique feature is that it can also issue commands in regional languages.

Elyments is a social media application that rivals Facebook in terms of functionality and things you can do with it. It is also fully in-house developed and developed by Bangalore-based private IT consultant Sumeru Software Solutions with over 1,000 IT employees working on it on behalf of the Art of Living Foundation.

More than 1,000 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Art of Living volunteers have developed a “made in India” social media application called Elyments, which was launched on Sunday by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. The application competes with the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

At the exclusive #DigitalIndiaTownhall for Indian entrepreneurs, the Minister interacted with some of the top founders of Indian startups, where he invited the startup ecosystem to focus on creating solutions for digital education, healthcare technology and local applications. He said India is a country where apps download a lot but don’t load, said Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Sri Sri Ravishankar reiterated this release during a recent session with top CEOs. He claimed that Art of Living will launch an Indian social media platform on July 5, 2020. However, the Elyments app is already available on Android and iOS, according to its website. Elyments is said to combine “all elements of existing social media platforms and will also include shops and payment facilities,” said the spiritual leader. You will also receive video conferences and have your servers in India. “Your data is safe with us. No one can hack into our social media platform,” he said.
The app first came out in February 2019, when reports reported that the AOL digital team was testing a super beta app, Elyments. Neha Mrig, one of the core team members behind the creation of Elyments, said: “India does not have its own presence on social media globally. Like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. We wanted to have something that could strengthen our economy and put ourselves on the world map, up there with the others. “

Created by Sumeru Software Solutions, Elyments has the basic functionality of the most popular social media applications such as feeds, the discovery option where you can follow celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. The notification bar has been replaced by Alerts, which allows you to keep track of your friends’ requests and activities, such as likes, comments on their posts. You can also use filters while clicking on photos, another common feature in various apps like Snapchat, Instagram etc.

Elyments has been in vogue on social media apps in the app store and has so far achieved an impressive score of 4/5. In Google Play Store, Elyments is rated 4.4. Overall, the app recorded over 1.3 million downloads in 24 hours. The day before the launch of Elyments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Aatmanirbhar challenge by urging the tech community and Indian startups to create local apps and create an ecosystem of Indian apps.

The application is divided into three main sections of Hub, Social and Chat. The center offers curated news content. You can get a content solution based on topics like health and lifestyle, fashion or sports. You can even play little games here in the center. The second section is social, which did not work as it should from the writing of the article. But according to the headlines, there will be a feed, dedicated to content shared by your friends, and a “Discovery” section that, let’s assume, will feature content that has gone viral. The chat section is where you can see friends who are online, chat with them, and even make audio calls.
Using the app, as long as there are enough people on the platform, you can easily gather friends and followers, just like in the early days of Facebook. A phone number is required to create an account.

But this is not where the dollar stops. While Elyments seems to start his journey as a Facebook clone, he has an ambition to become WeChat of India by integrating multiple elements into the app. At launch, the Elyments team said they wanted to add more features in the coming weeks. This includes secure payments, video calls, public profiles and even a selected trading platform. In his Twitter feed, Elyments claims “hardware-based encryption technology” with data stored on the Indian coast. The app also has a number of privacy settings where you can change who can see your content and personal information. However, the app’s privacy policy clearly states that it collects personal information such as date of birth, email address, contacts stored on the phone, professional and educational data, preferences and interest data, and more.

This includes personal data voluntarily shared by the user and collected in the background. Among other things, the data is also shared with third parties who can provide in-app services in a revenue sharing model. However, the privacy policy also states that Elyments has entered into contracts with third parties to prevent them from using personal data outside the domain agreed by both parties. Days after the government banned 59 Chinese apps, an Indian social media app called Elyments was launched. This “super application” combines the functionality of many mobile applications on a single platform and offers tools for social networks, instant messaging, video chat and voice calls. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strongly supported the message of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and the launch of Elyments is seen as a big step in this direction.

The application allows free audio and video calls and a private chat connection. Being a “Made in India” application, Elyments will be available in eight Indian languages. The application that is available in eight languages already has more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play store. Its official statement on the Play Store states that through the app, users can “connect and chat with friends, share updates, connect with like-minded people, discover interests, make uninterrupted voice and video calls, and much more. Still” . The app also claims that it has attached importance to privacy and that all servers are hosted in India. Its objective is to give new impetus, a qualitative leap to the country’s economic potential by strengthening infrastructure, using modern technologies, enriching human resources and creating solid supply chains, said Naidu.

Here is the link for download the app from google play store

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