The Family Man

The Family Man

The Family Man is an Indian action drama from the web series released in a fantastic video created by Krishna D.K and Raj Nidimoru. He says the show is a middle-class family man who is a secret agent who works as an intelligence officer for T.A.S.C, which is a branch of the National Investigation Agency, which protects India from terrorist attacks. This series was announced in June 2018. The Family Man aired on Prime Video in September 2019. The Family Man with Manoj Bajpayee (Srikant Tiwari) as Intelligence Officer at TASC, Priyamani (Suchitra Iyar Tiwari) as Srikant’s wife, Sharib Hashmi (JK Talpade) as Srikant Colleague at TASC, Neeraj Madav (Moosa Rahman ) like A1 Qutil, Kishore (Imraan Pasha) as the leader of Force One and Gul Panag (Saloni) as the commander of Srikant are the main cast of the series, there are other characters who have played a very important role in the series.

The Indian Coast Guard captures the 3 ISIS terrorists near Kochi. These are taken by Force One under the supervision of the TASC and transferred to the Mumbai Branch. At the time of the interrogation, they are trying to escape by shooting following Force Once. Srikant Tiwari is trying to convince Moosa to give up. In Pakistan, Major Sameer is planning a mission to India to force Indian military action. On the other hand, one of the Isis is planning a scooter bomb and is considered by Commander Sameer for the Zulfiqar mission. The bomb placed by ISIS militants on the scooter near Block Horse explodes even after attempting to defuse it from the security force. At the time of defusing the bomb, the TASC office received information on three software game engineers working for ISIS. Sriknat immediately plans to arrest them. They were arrested in his company and during interrogations they reveal a mailbox and strongly suspect that he is a student at Victoria University, and they also said that they never knew that person.

Subsequently, TASC monitors the student and collects the mailbox with the help of local police officers, while at the University of Karim he is connected to ISIS for a mission. Pakistani mayor Sameer plans to confuse the Indian police and intelligence agency to get them out of the way. Karim at Victoria College takes a message from the mailbox. TASC organizes surveillance in Karim’s room and finds out that he is planning something big with a floor plan and a list of guests. Karim and his two friends hired a van to go to a party. TASC struggles to find your position, otherwise they will evaluate your plan. In one function, Srikant’s wife, Suchitra, meets her friend Arvind, proposes a business plan in Suchitra, after which they will start working together. Srikant suspects that his wife is having an affair with Arvind. However, Srikant tracks down his phone and confirms it in a hotel where taleitra and arvind met and drank.

TASC violated Karim’s hard drive and find out the location of the attack. At night they attacked Karim’s room and tried to escape and ran into the road block established by the TASC. One of Karim’s friends started shooting and all of them below were returned by TASC. Eventually, TASC discovers that their plan was to give beef only to the party host, not a bomb on the spot. Karim and his friends are branded as terrorists. The real person who planned the scooter bomb and designed this wrong intelligence team proves, in fact, sajid is also a Victoria University student who has just been released from prison because of improper questions. After all this, Sajid meets ISIS agents who have big plans for him and Karim sacrificed himself to protect his identity. Srinkant blames himself for all the alleged interrogations and investigations. Moosa, who was a terrorist and was receiving treatment in hospitals at the time of the shootings in Mumbai. He escaped from the hospital with the help of a nurse and is a lover of Moosa. He killed his friend asif by injecting potassium into the blood. Subsequently, he planned to move to Srinagar.

While srikant was transferred to srinagar as punishment, but when srikant arrives in srinagar kulkarni tells him that there is a reason for his transfer as they receive a message from the RAW agency about a key terrorist agent who comes to srinagar. In falshback, Sajid was one of the main agents of Faizan’s ISIS. He was perfect in planning and executing biological warfare plans, killing over 270 people with nervous gas leaks. Commander Sameer chose him for the Zulfqar mission. Asif’s death is attributed to cardiac arrest and the security force has been substantially reduced and Pasha is suspended. Meanwhile, Srikant flirts with the current CO Saloni Bhatt, who is also his ex-girlfriend. The Srinagar team started the investigation and discovered terrorist activities in Kashmir. Srikant had doubts about Moosa and altered his subordinates to maintain great safety in the hospital, Jayesh, Zoya and Milind were looking at Moosa when four armed men attacked the hospitals to free Moosa. They killed all the officers and Moosa also killed his lover Mary with a surgical knife.

News of the hospital attacks spread to India. TASC faces criticism and investigation. In Srinagar, sajid is implemented and requires a call from the faizan. The team manages to convince Intel and Basharat to attend a wedding, however the Indian army is unable to enter the village due to the village population withdrawing as Pakistani. While srikant is anxious, he enters the marriage in disguise and recognizes sajid as one of the suspects arrested by the Mumbai police, but srikant follows the sajid for his purposes, srikant ignores the orders of his current CO salons and the largest vikram. With srikant impulsive actions, Basharat tries and claims to flee from there with the support of the local population.

Faizan was captured by U.S. forces in Pakistan. Srikant entered Balochistan with the help of RAW. They extract information from the faiza that ISI agents pose, appealing to their patriotism towards Pakistan. They eventually found out that the terrorist’s plan is to release nerve gas in New Delhi. The gas was smuggled from Kashmir to New Delhi. The Indian Prime Minister is warned of this plan. Suchitra goes to creditwala to impress her boss and her daughter Dhriti goes to a night party at her friend’s house and Atharv (Srikant’s son) finds the srikanth gun in the locked room and plays with it, after placing the gun underneath the pillow When Dhriti comes home.

Some TASC officers accidentally wrote jonali from Karims’ phone. Jonali then looks for the position of Karim’s body, which is hidden in an abandoned car. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has reached an agreement with General Ansari to abandon the Zulfiqar mission and Commander Sameer has been arrested by the Pakistani army and has given details of the nerve gas attack, and General Ansari has warned Basharat, who captured Sajid. and I warned him that Moosa is planning another attack. sajid blackmail a chemical engineer whose name is vibhav. Sajid meets Moosa in New Delhi, where Moosa informs him that he has a plan B for the Zulfiqar mission. After all the fighting, TASC thinks that the zulfiqar mission is over, but then realizes that the zulfiqar mission is not over. Moosa and Sajid entered a chemical factory blackmailing a chemical engineer who works in the chemical factory. While executing the plan, sajid kills the vibav and security guards and the assassins are killed by Moosa’s followers and take their place. Moosa installs the plant to release toxic gases that will kill everyone in 2 hours.

Zoya and Milind enter the factory to stop the moosa. Srikant meets Moosa’s mother in Delhi and publishes a video on the news in which Moosa’s mother asks him to surrender. Moosa changes his mind and decides to stop the toxic gas leak, but Sajid disagrees and kills Moosa. Srikant and Talpede celebrate their victory prematurely again when they find Moosa’s corpse. Meanwhile, Zoya and Milind are involved in the crossfire and cannot reach Srikant. In the last scene, it is shown that the pressure has reached the critical limit and that the toxic gases have started to leak while Zoya is crying desperately. Suddenly, one of the containers opens after reaching critical pressure and the show ends up on a cliff.

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